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I am a young and ambitious Software Developer with more than 10 years experience focused on backend development, building amazing web applications, leveraging many open source technologies such as PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Docker, Nginx, Doctrine and many more.
I am a big fan of design patterns, SOLID principles, PSR coding standards, DDD, KISS, DRY & YAGNI concepts and I really enjoy building scalable and maintainable applications.

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Install laravel project in a subdirectory with nginx

laravel nginx subdirectory

We will go over how to install your laravel application under a subdirectory of another website.

Runing Node JS Server In Background

nodejs pm2 systemd server

When you use Node JS to implement an HTTP / HTTPS web server, in general for development you’re using the basic node or nodemon command to run the webserver. But if the terminal closes or the node process gets killed, the HTTP web server will stop also. This article will show a few options we can use in order to avoid such an issue and make the node HTTP web server run in background even if we close the terminal.

Delete All Data from Redis

redis redis-cli data

Some advantages of Redis being a NoSQL and in-memory system is that you can perform some tasks very easily compared with relational database systems.