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I help medium to large businesses boost their online sales.
I am a young and ambitious Software Developer with more than 10 years experience focused on backend development, building amazing web applications, leveraging many open source technologies such as PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Docker, Nginx, Doctrine and many more.
I am a big fan of design patterns, SOLID principles, PSR coding standards, DDD, KISS, DRY & YAGNI concepts and I really enjoy building scalable and maintainable applications.

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Use firewalld-cmd to manage your firewall

linux firewall firewalld iptables

Firewalld is a firewall management solution available for many Linux distributions. It is a nice tool that offers a friendly interface for the iptables packet filtering system provided by the Linux kernel.

Understanding shell script redirect output

linux shell logs redirect output

The redirection capabilities built into Linux environment provides a robust set of tools used to make all sorts of tasks easier to accomplish. Knowing how they work and how they can help to manipulate the I/O (Input/Output) streams will greatly increase your productivity.

How to replace conditionals with polymorphism

clean code refactoring open close polymorphism

Let’s imagine your boss is coming one day and asks you to write some code to calculate the area of a rectangle. You say ok, that’s easy, and you start first creating a class for a Rectangle.