A bit more about me.

Hello, my name is Iulian (Pronuntiation: Iulian).

I am a young and ambitious Software Developer with over 14 years experience, focused on backend development, building amazing web applications, leveraging many open source technologies such as PHP, Symfony, Docker, Nginx, Doctrine and many others.

I am a big fan of design patterns, SOLID principles, PSR coding standards, DDD, KISS, DRY & YAGNI concepts and I really enjoy building scalable and maintainable applications.

I have experience in designing and optimizing databases, software engineering and software development. Along the time, I have proved my abilities to quickly adapt to new projects and technologies. I've been involved in working with big database applications, crawling systems, ads management, social platforms, booking system, eCommerce, content management, online payments, mobile applications, user generated content systems.

I am always looking to improve my software and project management skills because I like to be up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Personally I think programming is about writing code using your brain and I also consider testing and code reviews to be very important areas on every project.

Currently I'm working as a technical lead / senior web developer, for the biggest e-commerce platform from Romania, eMAG.

Most of my work is related, in one way or another, with helping people understand and use technology to easily solve their problems.

If you're searching for someone who can help you with your project don't hesitate to send me an e-mail, I'll be happy to discuss more.

Languages and tools I love to use