Code Camp Iasi Oct. 2017

hexagonal architecture DDD clean code CQRS event sourcing TDD

On 28 October 2017, I had the pleasure to participate with some of my colleagues at a new edition of CodeCamp, an event that facilitate communication between IT professionals, where we were Diamond Sponsors. The conference took place in Iasi at International Hotel and all the attendees had the opportunity to meet eMAG’s cool team, talk with my colleagues about our projects and also take Quizes with tehnical questions, to win personalized prizes.

eMAG CodeCamp 2017

This year Codecamp Iasi gathered over 65 IT companies and communities and around 1.800 participants. There was a full agenda specially prepared for the audience, that covered several topics on different levels around JAVA, PHP, C#, IoT, Software Architecture, Project Management and more.

Together with Leonard Mocanu, which is also part of eMAG Tech Team, I had the chance to talk for the first time in front of a nice audience, from enthusiastic students to senior IT professionals, and share my knowledge on a “delicious subject”: Hexagonal Architecture - Turn spaghetti code into lasagna.

Hexagonal Architecture helped us to restructure our application and we wanted to give something back to the community and we thought Code Camp is the perfect opportunity to do so. On stage we explained the huge benefits of applying Hexagonal Architecture on big projects and some of the tactical DDD, TDD, BDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing patterns to a PHP codebase, together with benefits and disadvantages we encounter along the way.

We gave some insights on why you should take a second look at this architecture, developing the subject from how applications are mainly structured these days and what problems developers have when the project grows fast, teams change, and we need to maintain that code, bringing examples and making parallels with real-life situations and solutions.

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