Backup your MySQL database

mysql backup cronjob

I recommend that you set up a backup for any database that you have. This guarantees your production data will be safe and you don’t loose data in case of a desaster. Below, I’ve sketched out easy process of setting up a backup with regular data dumps.

Use firewalld-cmd to manage your firewall

linux firewall firewalld iptables

Firewalld is a firewall management solution available for many Linux distributions. It is a nice tool that offers a friendly interface for the iptables packet filtering system provided by the Linux kernel.

Understanding shell script redirect output

linux shell logs redirect output

The redirection capabilities built into Linux environment provides a robust set of tools used to make all sorts of tasks easier to accomplish. Knowing how they work and how they can help to manipulate the I/O (Input/Output) streams will greatly increase your productivity.

How to replace conditionals with polymorphism

clean code refactoring open close polymorphism

Let’s imagine your boss is coming one day and asks you to write some code to calculate the area of a rectangle. You say ok, that’s easy, and you start first creating a class for a Rectangle.

8 steps to start with Docker containers

docker container linux

Docker is used by almost everybody, from developers to sysadmins and architects, everybody is using it because is fast, clean and very easy to build, ship, and run distributed applications. In my older docker posts I presented the basics of Docker when it wasn’t so mature. Today I want to recap some of it’s functionalities and discuss more advanced technique that will help you start use Docker with more confidence.

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