Import Excel data into MySQL

mysql csv excel import data

Recently I had to import an Excel document into a MySQL database so I want to show you how I did this.

Find the table size in MySQL

mysql tables metadata information schema

MySQL provides useful metadata about your database itself. While most other databases refer to this information as a catalog, the (official MySQL documentation)[] refers to the INFORMATION_SCHEMA metadata as tables.

Backup your MySQL database

mysql backup cronjob

I recommend that you set up a backup for any database that you have. This guarantees your production data will be safe and you don’t loose data in case of a desaster. Below, I’ve sketched out easy process of setting up a backup with regular data dumps.

Use firewalld-cmd to manage your firewall

linux firewall firewalld iptables

Firewalld is a firewall management solution available for many Linux distributions. It is a nice tool that offers a friendly interface for the iptables packet filtering system provided by the Linux kernel.

Understanding shell script redirect output

linux shell logs redirect output

The redirection capabilities built into Linux environment provides a robust set of tools used to make all sorts of tasks easier to accomplish. Knowing how they work and how they can help to manipulate the I/O (Input/Output) streams will greatly increase your productivity.

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