Git branch

git branch github version control

When we are working with git, it’s always a good idea to use branches to encapsulate our work until we finish the development. Up until now we had worked only into the base branch named master but it’s time to learn how to make our own branches. All we have to do to is to create a branch, create commits to that new branch and when we are ready we can merge it back into the master branch.

What is composer and how to use it?

composer php modern php

Composer is from my point of view one of the most important actor when we’re talking about a modern php application.

Git introduction

github git version control

When you start a new project you need an easy way to track your changes and I want to introduce you to GIT. In this post I will just talk about the basics of it.

Why we use traits?

trait php modern php

Since PHP 5.4.0 a new concept was introduced: Traits Many developers I know are skeptical about traits and don’t fully understand why and when we should use them. I know that there are tones of posts about this topic but I’ll try to explain it one more time maybe it will help somebody.

Navigation menu with flexbox

flexbox css

Welcome back! I’m not very good at introductions so today I’ll skip it and dive directly into the subject.

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