Why we use traits?

trait php modern php

Since PHP 5.4.0 a new concept was introduced: Traits Many developers I know are skeptical about traits and don’t fully understand why and when we should use them. I know that there are tones of posts about this topic but I’ll try to explain it one more time maybe it will help somebody.

Navigation menu with flexbox

flexbox css

Welcome back! I’m not very good at introductions so today I’ll skip it and dive directly into the subject.

Flexbox introduction - Center a logo on the screen?

flexbox css

Even I’m not working on frontend sometimes I like to take a pick in what’s new and awesome on CSS. And these days seems like flexbox is the shining star on the stage because even flexbox it’s out there from 2015, now you get support for it from almost all browsers.

First step

personal introduction

Finally, I decided to give it a try and create my fist blog. Because I want it to be someting very simple, I ended up working with Jekyll. Writing rich content in Markdown it’s by far the fastest and cleaneast method than almost any other.

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