Compile your assets with Symfony Encore

symfony encore webpack manage assets

These days I’m playing with Symfony Encore, the new tool for managing assets in Symfony 3.3. It is a tool inspired from Laravel Mix which is the asset manager from Laravel Framework, build by Jeffrey Way the owner of Laracasts. At the time Jeff created Mix, I wanted to use it on Symfony projects, so I decided to wrap laravel-mix package into a symfony bundle. So elixir-mix-bundle was created. If you used it already, Symfony Encore will look a lot like it.

Docker networks

docker docker network

Today I want to talk about docker networks. When you install docker it creates 3 networks automatically. To list all the networks use docker network ls.

Docker volumes

docker docker volume

As docker official gide says data volume is a directory within one or more containers that bypasses the UnionFS. With docker volumes you can share files between host and containers or even between different containers. They provide multiple useful features for persistent or shared data.

Introduction on using Docker for development

docker servers environments

In this post I wanna talk about Docker because I think it would be nice to share the knowledge I gained about it. If you search for Docker on google you will find the official website where they are explaining what docker is, so I’ll be talking more about what’s there.

How to configure New relic agent on Docker

docker newrelic

Today I want to talk about New Relic and Docker. A few days ago I had to install new relic on our servers and because we are using Docker I needed to install it from a Dockerfile.

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